Adeeb at Charts 2023

Iraqi poet, journalist and translator Adeeb, a Unity Housing tenant at The Terrace Boarding House, had his book My life, my life! published in English language recently and sent me a copy.

As he writes about his life in poetry, I wondered what led to this approach and asked him a few questions including an introduction to his life, the reason for writing in poetry, and what his plans are for his book and his future.

Adeeb gave me an amazing history of his lifelong involvement with poetry and the remarkable successes with his books internationally, translated in four other languages, winning awards in competitions, and the vast interest from international and Australian media and professionals in high positions. Adeeb has three poetry books in English called Fatherhood,

Something Wrong, and My life, my life! “Poetry, as I understand it, is an attempt to get the code of life and to understand life and get its secrets,” he says. “Poetry is a spark that comes from the deepest regions of my mind…and should address the major problems of human life such as love, loneliness, war, death and hunger.”

Adeeb is doing an exceptional job of that and says he will continue to write poetry in English and Arabic.

If you are interested in reading or purchasing Adeeb’s outstanding work, visit


Q: What does Unity Housing mean to you?
A: It means a good, safe place to live as a person and a good place for focusing on my writing.

Q: How long have you been with Unity Housing?
A: I have been with Unity Housing since 2010 having moved here as a political refugee from Iraq.

Q: What type of property do you currently live in?
A: I’m currently a boarding house tenant in metropolitan Adelaide.

Q: How has Unity Housing helped to connect you with the community?
A: It has been very positive, and I have very good relations with the reception staff and I consider many of them to be my friends. I also like to share my poetry with other tenants and chat with many of them frequently. It is a good, friendly environment.

Q: What do you like about living in your neighbourhood?
A: I enjoy the quality of life here in Adelaide, and being safe, away from political and religious persecution. Australia has given me a new life and I really love it here.