Teamwork gives Robyn a fresh start


Before relocating from Smithfield to Salisbury, Unity Housing tenant Robyn was living “in a rut” both mentally and physically.

During Robyn’s time in her Smithfield property, she had accumulated what she now says was a “a lot of junk”. Robyn was the last tenant in the street to be relocated and, as properties were bulldozed around her for redevelopment, Unity Housing worked with Robyn to give her a fresh start and secure a new

Robyn moved into the Salisbury property in August 2010 and proudly says this was her turning point. She eliminated many items she no longer needed nor wanted.

Robyn says she is now “house proud and still clutter free”.

Robyn’s mental health has improved along with her physical health. Robyn loves the area and her neighbours and is incredibly thankful to Unity Housing for giving her the opportunity to move closer to her dad whom she was able to spend much more time with during the last four years of his life.

Robyn enjoys spending her free time painting and creating diamond art and being in her garden area at the back of her home.


Q: What does Unity Housing mean to you?
A: Unity Housing means everything to me, it gives me stability which I really love. The care Unity Housing offers tenants is number one. All the staff at Unity Housing are very kind and understanding, there is no judgement.

Q: How long have you been with Unity Housing?
A: I have been with Unity Housing since 2010.

Q: How has Unity Housing helped to connect you with the community?
A: The area I live in is a quiet street, with a beautiful community feel to it that helps to connect me with my neighbours.

Q: How has your overall wellbeing improved since being with Unity Housing?
A: I have had some tough times with my mental health, and now that I have a beautiful home, it makes my bad days easier. I now have NDIS, with assistance with cleaning and gardening, which brings me a lot of peace.