Lions Park upgrade

Unity Housing working in conjunction with the Wattle Range Council, Lions Club and the local community have joined together to upgrade Lions Park and transform it into a premiere multi-use area that everyone can enjoy.

Lions Park Upgrade

Lions Park upgrade chair, Jacquelyn M.

Lions Park courts

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    Lions Park Upgrade - Millicent

    What are the benefits of upgrading Lions Park?

    1. Contribute to the community
    2. Appeal to all ages
    3. Create a valuable green space
    4. Provide active and passive recreational activities
    5. Contribute to the health and wellness of the local community
    lLions Park partners

    In 2019, we asked you for your feedback on Lions Park, and from that initial response from the local community, we would like to thank everyone who provided their thoughts and ideas throughout this process. Today, it’s time to move forward so we can come together and make Lions Park a space unlike anything else in Millicent!

    What you told us

    When we spoke to you, your ideas for improving Lions Park included:

    • Playground equipment
    • Sports playing surfaces
    • Outdoor gym equipment
    • A continuous pathway (full circuit)
    • Improved accessibility for prams and those with special mobility needs
    • Seating areas
    • BBQ facilities
    • Shade structures
    • Drinking fountain
    • Toilets
    • Dog waste bags
    • Increased planting
    • Community Garden
    • Public Art

    Project timeline

    • November 2019 – Unity Housing and Council discuss the need to upgrade Lions Park. Concept Design has finished this stage.
    • December 2021 – Lions Park Fun Day Community Consultation Concept Design has finished this stage.
    • March 2023 – Lions Park Committee was re-established and was presented the concept design for comment. Concept Design has finished this stage.
    • September 2023 – Refined concept design presented to Council where Council moved to undertake public consultation. Lions Park Upgrade Concept Design has finished this stage.
    • 27 September 2023 – Consultation on the Concept Design for the Lions Park upgrade opens. Lions Park Upgrade Concept Design is currently at this stage. This consultation is open for contributions.
    • 25 October 2023 – Consultation Closes at 5pm [Extended]  – This is an upcoming stage for Lions Park Upgrade Concept Design.
    • 14 November 2023 – Consultation Feedback Report to be provided to Council.