Assets and Developments

An Introduction to Assets and Developments

Our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, evidence-based practice and innovation in service delivery has reinforced our long standing reputation as a leader in the social and affordable housing sector.

As one of a select number of community housing providers that has achieved Tier 1 status under the National Regulatory System, we aim to rapidly increase the scale and breadth of our housing portfolio so that we can continue to achieve our vision of creating opportunities for people to live in affordable and sustainable housing of their choice.

We seek to build balanced and functional communities through a diverse housing portfolio of low income, affordable and high needs housing. We deliver a continuum of housing options including: a boarding house program, a community housing program and an affordable housing program. These programs have distinct asset management requirements that need to be addressed.

We are proud to partner with Buildtec Group to deliver affordable housing outcomes in South Australia. Our Nexus Apartments at Bowden provided Buildtec with their first opportunity to partner with a not-for-profit housing provider. Hear about the partnership in the video below.

We have a skills-based Board who assume responsibility for strategic, policy and overall financial decision making for the Company. Operational responsibilities are delegated through the Chief Executive Officer and a highly skilled and experienced management team.

Board committees, with clearly articulated delegations and Terms of Reference, provide an effective link between Board and Management ensuring good information flow; assisting Directors to fulfil their fiduciary responsibilities; making the skills and the knowledge of Directors available to the operational side of the busines; and supporting senior management in their responsibilities. Board committees are:

  • Executive Management;
  • Finance, Audit and Compliance; and
  • Property Development

Unity Housing has a depth of experience, expertise and qualifications in managing assets in the organisation at all levels including the Board, Executive and staff. The asset management experience of the team includes disposal, acquisition, life cycle costings, maintenance budgets, contracting and coordinating maintenance work.

We have a comprehensive strategic asset management plan and a suite of maintenance plans for the relevant programmes as annually audited by our regulator at both the national and state level.

The Strategic Asset Management Plan and Maintenance Plans are reviewed annually to enable accurate financial year forecasting to be included in the annual budgeting process. Budget adjustments are informed by data collected through building assessments.

Unity Housing successfully delivers sound asset management practice through an active development program including significant upgrades and an ongoing responsive and programmed maintenance service.