Our Performance

The provision of outstanding service is central to all that Unity does and we have an ongoing commitment to quality improvement. Unity’s Strategic Objectives are underpinned by a commitment to deliver best practice outcomes through a focus on continuous quality improvement. As a means of achieving these aims, Unity is registered as a Tier 1 provider under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH), and maintains accreditation to the National Community Housing Standards (NCHS).

Unity participates in an annual compliance assessment under the NRSCH to ensure we continue to meet service and financial benchmarks required for Tier 1 registration. As a Tier 1 provider, Unity consistently meets national performance standards for service delivery.

Compliance with operational policy and procedure is measured through scheduled internal audits, which identify corrective actions and feed into continuous improvement processes. All Unity policies and procedures are regularly reviewed .

To guide us in our work and goals to continuously improve service delivery, we regularly consult with our tenant group to understand what they believe we are doing well and how we can make improvements to our service.

In April 2018, we conducted a comprehensive tenant satisfaction survey that was managed independently through the NSW Federation of Housing Associations. Tenants surveyed reported excellent levels of satisfaction with their housing service. Unity exceeded all mandatory NRSCH benchmarks.

We have built a reputation as a leader in the housing sector through continuous improvement, evidence-based practice and innovation.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2018

The Tenant Satisfaction Survey, conducted in 2018 by the NSW Federation of Housing Associations on behalf of Unity, achieved the following results:

Services provided by Unity Housing
The way Unity Housing provides information
Communication with Unity Housing
Value for money for rent
Neighbourhood as a place to live
Helpful and attentive staff
Call was answered in a timely manner or phone message was returned promptly
Out-of-hours emergency repairs service
Condition of home
The contractor was respectful and courteous
The contractor kept dirt and mess to a minimum and left the property clean and tidy
Given adequate support by support worker to sustain tenancy

Tenant Feedback

I am very grateful to have been given such lovely rental accomodation. Before this I had no home and my health was poor. I now live in a beautiful new home which is giving me a new start on life.

Unity Housing Tenant

I appreciate the security I have with Unity Housing. Something which gives me peace of mind. And hope. Thank you once again, for life now has more scope and possibilities.

Unity Housing Partner

Thank you for giving me a chance to better my life for the better. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for Unity and their staff. I have never had the kind of support I do now and have recommended Unity to multiple friends.

Unity Housing Tenant

I would like to thank Unity for providing me with a place to live during my desperate struggles. Unity provided me with hope.

Unity Housing Partner
Unity Housing conducted a survey of our partners with the aim of assessing the services we provide in the interest of continuous improvement. This is what they had to say about us:

“Unity has been very supportive for our clients.”

“Thank you for the partnership.”

“Unity is an excellent organisation and we greatly value the partnership.”


2018 Award for Excellence in Community Housing – Blair Athol Development
(Urban Development Institute of Australia)

2018 Business Partner Award – Oryx Property nominated by Unity Housing
(PowerHousing Australia)

2018 Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Central Region (SA/NT) – Unity Housing CEO Matthew Woodward
(Ernst & Young)

2017 Leadership and Innovation – Unity-Bedford Housing Alliance
(PowerHousing Australia)

2017 Excellence in Social Housing – Unity and Bedford Alliance
(Australasian Housing Institute)

2017 Tenant Led Initiative – Unity tenant art exhibition
(Australasian Housing Institute)

2017  Outstanding Achievement – Matthew Woodward, Unity CEO
(Australasian Housing Institute)

2015 Australasian Leading Housing Development Project Award – Northern Region Affordable Housing Initiative

2015 South Australian Leading Housing Development Project Award – Northern Region Affordable Housing Initiative

2015 Leadership and Innovation – Northern Region Affordable Housing Initiative (PowerHousing Australia)

2014 Affordable Development – St Clair Unity Terraces (Urban Development Institute of Australia)

2013 Australasian Leading Tenants Engagement Practice Award – Community Connect Program

2013 South Australian Leading Tenants Engagement Practice Award – Community Connect Program