Your rights

As a Unity Housing tenant you have the right to:

  • Fair and non-discriminatory treatment;
  • Be treated with respect;
  • The protection of the Residential Tenancies Act;
  • Confidentiality and privacy of your personal information unless disclosure consent is given;
  • Access to your own files in accordance with Unity’s Privacy Policy;
  • Expect your property is well-maintained;
  • Security of tenure within the constraints of funding and program guidelines;
  • Complain and appeal without being penalised if you do not agree with action taken or decisions made by Unity;
  • Use an advocate;
  • Be informed of how to participate in the organisation and to contribute to decision-making.

As a Unity Housing tenant you are responsible for:

  • Keeping your home and garden clean and free of rubbish;
  • Paying your rent regularly and on time;
  • Using the property in a responsible manner;
  • Not causing or allowing damage to the property;
  • Your behaviour and that of other occupants and visitors, as well as any pets;
  • Providing entry to Unity or its contractors for inspections, repairs or servicing work;
  • Being a good neighbour;
  • Providing your income details for rent review;
  • Not letting anyone else move into your home without Unity permission;
  • Notifying Unity if you plan to be away from the property for long periods;
  • Leaving the property clean and tidy when you vacate;
  • Letting Unity know if your household income changes.

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