1 800 551 814
Unity Housing tenants can now call our toll-free customer care number for all tenancy and maintenance related needs.

New Unity Service Centre

Introducing our new customer care centre

In our commitment to provide the best assistance for Unity Housing tenants, we’re excited to announce our newly enhanced customer care centre.

Now, simply call one number to reach our specialised service team to get fast answers, expert guidance and to be connected with the right support during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

Dial our TOLL-FREE number: 1 800 551 814 for all your tenancy and maintenance needs.

📞 Press #1 for Housing: Connect with our friendly Customer Service Advisors for any tenancy support or queries.

🛠 Press #2 for Maintenance: Report any home maintenance or lodge your requests online at Unity Housing Maintenance and Repairs.

When outside of normal business hours, callers can opt to leave a message for housing, or choose our After-Hours Maintenance Service for maintenance emergencies. You can also leave an after-hours message for our customer care centre team as well.

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Customer Care Centre FAQs

Am I eligible for community housing?

To be eligible for community housing with Unity Housing, you must:

  • Be a resident in South Australia (SA)
  • Be able to provide proof of identification
  • Be socially or economically disadvantaged
  • Have a household income within the income eligibility limits
  • Not own any assets or property which could reasonably be expected to resolve your housing need
  • Be able to sustain a successful tenancy, with or without support
  • Be 18 years of age or over

You will also need to meet the South Australian Government’s housing eligibility criteria relating to maximum levels of income and asset.

How to register for community housing

Unity Housing selects applicants for community housing from the Single Housing Register (SHR). Generally, we will only offer vacancies to applicants who are actively engaging with one of our partner support agencies, listed below.

This enables us to give people the best chance of maintaining a successful tenancy as we know they have the appropriate support in place.

Speak to the support agency you are engaging with to see if they are eligible to refer you to Unity Housing.

If not, or if you do not require support, you can register online for public or community housing. You can create an online account and register or find relevant forms at Register for Housing.

A list of community housing providers can be found here.

If your support agency is eligible to refer you to Unity Housing, they will assist you to fill out a Registration of Interest (ROI) form. They will also need to complete a Housing Needs Assessment form based on your circumstances. They will then send the forms to Unity Housing along with your identification and income details.

What happens next?

After we receive the documents, the information is processed and will be assessed as a category 1, 2 or 3 then placed on the Single Housing Register (SHR). You will then receive a letter confirming your registration and you will be contacted if a suitable vacancy arises that matches your housing preferences.

Available vacancies are allocated to those deemed to have the most urgent housing need and best match the available property. Even if you have special circumstances, it can still take a very long time before you are offered a property. This is because there may be other applicants with special circumstances who have already been approved for earlier housing assistance or the properties that become available may not match your circumstances.

It is important that you keep your contact details up to date so we can get in touch with you if a suitable property becomes available. Housing is in limited supply, so please ensure you keep exploring all housing options.

Each year you will be sent a letter asking you to make contact with Unity to make sure your details and circumstances are still the same or to update any changes. If you do not make contact within the required timeframe, you may lose your current Category status. This means that if you are Category 1 and do not make contact, you will automatically drop back to Category 2.