Asset Management

Unity Housing Asset Management Approach

Asset management approach

Unity Housing recognises the various stock types, age profiles and asset configurations of or existing portfolio across a variety of regions. Our asset management approach includes strategies which are embedded in our current business processes to address the asset management requirements of the stock characteristics. Our asset management approach is well supported by our System for Managing Assets Accounting and Residential Tenancies (SMAART) IT system which enables Unity Housing to deliver a professional approach in accordance with our asset management plan.

The implementation and asset management plan enables Unity Housing to plan and deliver an approach suiting a range of property types, conditions and geographical locations ensure housing is:

  • in good condition;
  • in the right location;
  • of a design and standard of amenity which is fit for purpose; and
  • is sustainable and financially viable

An integrated approach to strategic asset management allows us to access additional knowledge, expertise and resources to create collaborative advantage. In addition to:

  • planning;
  • capital and recurrent budgeting;
  • acquisition;
  • accounting;
  • management; and
  • disposal
Upgrade of Assets

Once we have collected and analysed building assessment data and determined the future planning intent (FPI) on all properties through our SMAART IT system we develop a program for delivery of upgrade on identified properties to make them more compatible for the needs of tenants.