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Tenant Competitions - Talking Point Cards Contest

This contest has now closed.

Are you excited about a super cool competition where you can win some awesome stuff for fun without screens? Imagine you, your family, friends or neighbours having fun and talking face-to-face, without phones, TV, or computers getting in the way.

Meet the Talking Point Cards Challenge! It’s a super fun competition that will change the way you hang out with people. You’ll use special cards to start fun conversations and make your connections even stronger. It’s like going back to the old days when people talked and laughed together at the kitchen table.

These cards have more than 200 fun ideas to get everyone talking and having a blast, so invite your family and friends to put away their screens and enjoy some quality time together!

Get ready to start conversations that are so awesome, you won’t want them to stop! Enter the Talking Point Cards free competition using the QR code below with a chance to win one of six Talking Point Card sets that will make your relationships even more special and create memories you’ll remember forever!

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Competition closes 10 January 2024. Winners will be notified to arrange a convenient delivery arrangements.

    We wish you the best of luck with your entry.