Community Housing FAQs

Community Housing

Paying your rent

Rent is an important part of any tenancy agreement. Rent is charged and tenants must pay rent on time.

Community housing tenants pay an income-based rent based on a percentage of all household income plus Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA), if they are eligible, up to the market rent for the property (determined by the State Valuer General).

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Rent reviews

Unity Housing will review the rent of all community housing tenants every six months or whenever household income changes.

Tenants need to supply details of any change in household income within 14 days of the change taking place. This may mean rent will be increased or decreased. Tenants need to provide household income details for rent reviews. If income is not provided, market rent will be charged. Market rent is the maximum rent you will pay for a community housing property.

Rent debt

Rent must be paid two weeks in front at all times.

Whether you are charged market or income-based rent, you must:

  • Pay your full rent amount when it is due; or
  • Let us know immediately if you cannot pay on time. Contact your Housing Officer to see what might be possible.

You may be evicted from a community housing property if you do not pay rent.

If your rent is more than 14 days in debt, a Notice of Termination will be issued and, if rent is still not paid, we will apply for a tribunal hearing for either a payment plan or eviction with the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT).

Water usage

You may be responsible to pay for the water you use and the cost of water supply, depending on your tenancy agreement.

If you are responsible for payment, Unity Housing will send you details of what you are being charged for and how much you need to pay. Water invoices must be paid within 14 days.


Tenants can apply for a transfer to another property if a change in their circumstances makes their existing property or location no longer suitable and they meet certain eligibility criteria, such as having been a tenant in their current property for a minimum of two years. Transfers do not happen often so if tenants need to move, they should also be looking at other options like private rental.

Click here to read more about transfers (PDF).

Appealing a decision

If you think Unity Housing has made a wrong decision, you can ask for a review of the decision. Visit our Complaints and Appeals page here.