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Unity Housing wins Australasian Housing Institute award

By December 14, 2021July 7th, 2023No Comments

Unity Housing is the winner of the Australasian Housing Institute’s Leading Community Engagement Practice Award (SA jurisdiction) for 2021 and has been recognised for facilitating social transformation by breaking the cycle of homelessness and dependence on inner city crisis services.

We create community connections between boarding house tenants and people in the local community through providing targeted programs, activities and events that create positive social and economic engagement and enables people who are marginalised to participate and contribute more fully to the inner Adelaide community.

Our community engagement initiatives achieve positive outcomes through an approach that builds strong relationships between individual boarding house tenants as well as with local inner Adelaide residents.

Our approach focusses on the strengths of the tenant as well as the strengths of the local community.

Unity Housing delivers a unique combination of programs, activities and events that provide opportunities for tenants of The Terrace Boarding House (95 rooms) and other mixed residential precincts to positively participate and contribute to living in the City of Adelaide.

Outcomes include positive social interactions, an increased sense of citizenship, and improved resident behaviour.

This highly successful approach has now been operating for several years.