NancyMore than most, Nancy understands how quickly life can change and the importance of having access to safe, secure and affordable housing.

Born and raised in Port Pirie, Nancy and her husband Nick had many wonderful years together as homeowners and Nick was employed at the local lead smelter. In 1999 Nick became unwell and was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away six weeks later.

Nancy was left devastated; living alone in a large home that was a challenge to maintain and in an isolated location with no neighbours for friendship and support. Suddenly, Nancy was reliant on Centrelink income and facing financial pressures she had not previously encountered.

After years of encouragement from her daughter, Nancy agreed to request alternative housing and moved into a two-bedroom unit in Port Pirie, managed by Unity Housing.

Nancy has never regretted her decision and says that although she is quiet and keeps to herself, it is comforting to know she has supportive neighbours that can be called upon if needed.

Nancy has been a dedicated volunteer in her community for decades: she was a volunteer with Meals on Wheels for 50 years, a member of the YWCA of Port Pirie for 50-odd years, and a volunteer with the Red Cross’s Telecross for around 25 years.

“I don’t do a great amount now but I still go to YWCA on Tuesdays, on Thursdays my daughter takes me shopping and on Fridays I go to a friendship group in town with a group of ladies,” Nancy says.

“You get to meet people that you normally wouldn’t meet. Everybody has a different story.”