Janet and KenAfter years of living in their Fulham Gardens unit with an empty area of dirt to the side of their house, Janet and Ken knew they wanted to create a community garden.

“It was really bare and we thought we could plant some trees and if they’re fruit trees then people living in the complex could share the fruit,” Janet says. “It was so dry and we wanted to make it look presentable.”

Janet and Ken were supported by our community partner UrbanVirons to plant a lemon, apricot and plum tree.

“We said if we bought the trees could we get them planted so the boss from UrbanVirons, Simon, came out and dug the holes for us and helped us plant the trees just before Christmas,” Ken says. “Our neighbour Graham put a sprinkler line in the garden too so all we need to do is put on the timer and some of the garden is watered.”

“We also planted some geraniums and salt bush and a mandarin tree,” Janet says. “We are looking forward to sharing the produce with our neighbours.”