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March 2017

Unity welcomes Bedford tenants

By | News

March 1, 2017 marked the formal commencement of a significant partnership between Unity Housing and Bedford – the largest, most recognised and trusted disability organisation in South Australia.

Unity welcomed more than 150 tenants from Bedford into our portfolio.

Unity’s ground-breaking strategic partnership with Bedford, which involved the transfer of their state-wide housing operations to Unity, will significantly improve the housing options and lives of South Australians with disability.

Bedford has chosen Unity to deliver housing services currently managed by Bedford, such as rent, leases and maintenance. Unity and Bedford will combine expertise to develop new and innovative housing models that will deliver new homes, which better meet the changing life-needs of people with disability, particularly as they age.

By providing the best housing service possible, the partnership will help build a stronger sense of community and improve the wellbeing of tenants living in Bedford properties.

Unity will work closely with tenants and their families, guardians or caregivers to provide them with all of the information they need for a smooth transition.

Unity looks forward to an exciting new era in the delivery of accommodation services to people living with disability.