Please read the below Terms and Conditions in full. By submitting your artwork for Unity Housing’s SALA Festival 2021 exhibition, you are agreeing to the following terms:

By submitting artwork, I understand and agree that the artwork remains available for display for the duration of the exhibition.

Artwork Sales
Unity Housing will not be involved or responsible for the sale of artwork. I understand that If I do opt to sell my exhibiting artwork, Unity Housing will advise me if or when a member of the public expresses interest in purchasing my artwork, then it will be my responsibility as the artist to liaise with the patron and arrange the purchase transaction should I chose to.

All artwork for this exhibition must be ready for hanging/display.

Delivery/Collection of Artwork
I need to make my own arrangements for the delivery and collection of my ready-to-hang artwork in appropriate packaging, i.e. bubble wrap and/or plastic bag. Artwork must be clearly labelled with my name, artwork title and price (if applicable). (NOTE: Please speak to your Housing Officer if you need assistance with delivery arrangements.)

Consent to Photograph Artwork
I give permission for my artwork to be photographed for display in Unity Housing’s online exhibition, website or in Unity Housing publications.

Loss or Damage
Unity Housing staff and volunteers will make every effort to ensure the artwork is handled in an appropriate manner during the exhibition period. However, artworks will be displayed entirely at the artist’s own risk. Unity Housing will accept no liability of artworks destroyed, damaged, lost or stolen while on exhibit. I indemnify Unity Housing against all actions, claims, demands, damages, expenses and losses incurred while exhibiting with Unity Housing.

Acceptance of these Terms
Unity Housing will only receive artwork if accompanied by a submission form that is signed by the artist or carer/guardian to signal acceptance of these terms.

Please contact Gabby Parente on 0427 445 723 or email g.parente@unityhousing.org.au.