Viv is an entertaining local who lives and performs in Naracoorte and throughout the Limestone Coast region. He recently treated Carmen (Tenant Engagement Officer) to a mini concert on his Yamaha piano where he switched effortlessly from Mozart to ragtime to singing Hallelujah.

Viv was inspired from a young age by The Beatles and now records original tunes and remixes in his house that doubles as a recording studio with ideal natural acoustics for saxophone, keyboard, ukulele, piano and flute. Viv and his family moved from Maitland to Naracoorte when he was five and Viv was raised on the farm and, at 13, his musical journey began with piano lessons. Viv enjoys sharing his musical talent, playing with others at Open Mic days in Robe including another well-known musician Penny Bonney, who Viv also supports on the piano when she is performing gigs.

Viv is a member of the Ukulele group called The Mosquito Plains Strummers as well as the Naracoorte Singers. He has regular jam sessions with mates from all over the region and has become a social media regular when his audience post updates on Facebook.

Viv believes volunteering is a rewarding part of his music as he has never wanted it to be about money; it’s about bringing people together and sharing. He hopes to attend the Red Hot Summer Tour at the Old Mount Gambier Gaol in March 2023.


Q. What does Unity Housing mean to you?
A. Unity Housing means a place I can call home and people I can rely on if I have questions or require maintenance to be done on my house.
Q. How long have you been with Unity Housing?
A. I have been with Unity Housing for five and a half years. This is the second property I have lived in.

Q. What type of Unity Housing property do you currently live in?
A. I live in a three-bedroom house with a nice yard.

Q. How has Unity Housing helped to connect you with the community?
A. I have been involved in the Naracoorte community for many years, through sport and my music. I have always supported Unity Housing events, which have been great for me to meet other tenants.

Q. What do you like about living in your neighbourhood?
A. I have lived in the country my whole life; the neighbourhood is good, and I like the fact that I am within walking distance of the pub and the main street. This is the most settled I have felt in many years.