About the transfer

The State Government is committed to improving the quality of housing for Housing SA tenants by replacing old homes with new homes, creating better quality social housing, increasing housing choices and affordability and enhancing the liveability of South Australia to create safe communities and healthy neighbourhoods.
Renewal SA has been appointed as the government body responsible for delivering these outcomes under the Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs initiative, which includes a program of redevelopment and refurbishment to:
  • Renew 4,500 older properties within 10 kilometres of the Adelaide CBD by 2020;
  • Build 1,000 new homes in 1,000 days by 2018;
  • Transfer the management of 5,000 Housing Trust homes to community housing providers by 2017 (In October 2015 and September 2017, the management of 1,100 and 4,400 housing properties respectively was successfully transferred to community housing providers).
Renewal SA’s role is to develop stronger partnerships with preferred community housing providers who bring flexible, customised and innovative housing management to communities. Renewal SA will also work closely with Housing SA officers to support tenants whose lease management is transferring to a community housing provider.
Housing Transfers
Housing Property Transfers

What is a community housing provider?

Community housing providers are non-government, not-for-profit organisations providing quality housing services that can meet the needs of tenants and neighbourhoods through working closely with support agencies, local communities and other not-for-profit organisations.

Unity has commenced the property management of selected homes in the Limestone Coast and Western suburbs of Adelaide.

Why transfer the properties to a community housing provider?

While public housing continues to provide a good service, community housing providers are able to provide flexible housing management and can tailor their services to work with the needs of individual tenants and neighbourhoods. Community housing providers are accessible and welcoming to tenants, offering opportunities for them to be involved in their communities.

As not-for-profit organisations, community housing providers have access to a range of tax benefits not available to public housing providers. This means they are in a better financial position to spend more on improving the standard of housing they manage. In time, community housing providers will be able to undertake renewal activities and create more social housing for people who need it.

How will tenants benefit?

Funds will be used to improve services to tenants and support the renewal of older public housing. In time, community housing providers will be able to undertake renewal activities and create more social housing. For tenants, the result will be increased engagement and better, more suitable housing. The creation of more affordable housing will mean that some tenants will have the option of home ownership.

For tenants, community housing providers are able to deliver quality services that:

  • are tailored to what works best locally
  • link tenants to support services where needed
  • ensure tenants can have their voices heard
  • provide opportunities to take part in community events and development activities.

By providing the best housing service possible, the partnership between Unity and Renewal SA will help deliver better quality and more suitable social housing in locations that are close to services, facilities and local businesses and improve the wellbeing of tenants living in Housing Trust properties.

Properties managed by Unity

In September  2017, Unity commenced the tenancy management of  selected properties in the following areas:

Limestone Coast: Beachport, Bordertown, Keith, Kingston SE, Meningie, Millicent, Mount Burr, Nangwarry, Naracoorte, Penola and Robe

Western: Albert Park, Allenby Gardens, Beverley, Findon, Flinders Park, Fulham Gardens, Grange, Hendon, Henley Beach, Kidman Park, Royal Park, Seaton, Welland, West Hindmarsh, Woodville South and Woodville West

Unity worked closely with the tenants and Housing SA to ensure a smooth transfer of management.

Information for tenants

Tenants’ rights and responsibilities within the current lease agreement will not change as a result of the transfer to Unity, and we look forward to providing tenants with quality property management services.

Unity’s team of professional Housing Officers and Maintenance Coordinators are available to help with any tenant questions or concerns.

Some properties in the identified transfer areas are excluded, including properties being purchased by tenants, and strata or community title properties where Housing SA does not manage the whole strata or community title. These excluded properties will continue to be managed by Housing SA.

Information for registrants

The project won’t affect people who have registered for, or are planning to register for, public or community housing.

Rent payment options for tenants and CRA explained

Paying your rent

Unity offers several ways for tenants to pay rent. These include Centrepay, direct debit (must be set up by tenant), bank deposit, online transfer, or money order.

Rent must be paid two weeks in advance, the same as with Housing SA.

Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA)

CRA is an additional allowance paid by the Australian Government via a pension or allowance to people who rent privately or in community housing. To read about the CRA and see a list of Frequently Asked Questions, download the PDF below.

Read about CRA and Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

To read more about the transfer, you can download the Frequently Asked Questions PDF below.

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