Unity Housing CEO featured in PowerHousing Australia’s latest e-news

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Chief Executive Officer of Unity Housing, Matthew Woodward, has more than 35 years’ experience in human services working as a social worker, manager and in policy development across the government and non-government sectors, largely in metropolitan Adelaide, but also with several years spent in rural South Australia and the UK. A key focus of Matthew’s work has been the development of effective responses to the multiple issues facing those who are homeless. Matthew has also actively participated in numerous sector-wide bodies, at the national, state and local community levels, receiving a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from his PowerHousing colleagues in 2015 and ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award from the Australasian Housing Institute in 2017 in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to community housing. In 2018, Matthew received the EY Social Entrepreneur, Central Region (SA/NT) Award.

Matthew is Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds a Masters of Social Work, Graduate Certificate in Housing Policy, Graduate Diploma of Environmental Studies, Bachelor of Social Administration, Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Property (Real Estate).

Over the past 11 years, Matthew has led Unity Housing as it has grown into the largest non-government provider of social and affordable housing in South Australia. As a charitable, not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, Unity Housing’s housing portfolio now spans 1,000 km across regional and metropolitan South Australia, with more than 3,200 units of accommodation with a value of more than $850m, annual turnover of $32m, and a net equity capacity of $304m . As an active property developer ,Unity Housing has also delivered more than $85m new housing.

Unity Housing provides a home for more than 4,700 people every night. Many of these people require ongoing support services in order to sustain their tenancies; Unity Housing works in close partnership with a large number of support agencies to ensure appropriate supports are available. Unity Housing also provides property and tenancy management services to a large number of people who simply require safe, secure and affordable housing.

Unity Housing’s focus is to help build a sustainable housing system that provides options for a range of people in our community. Unity Housing works in a way that makes a positive contribution to the communities they we are a part of. Ensuring that people have a safe, affordable place to live, regardless of their income, is the core of Unity Housing’s business.